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Satin Star Floor Sealer 5L

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Product Description

MSDS LINK select Research Products then MSDS DESCRIPTION Satin Star has been formulated to give a satin finish to most surfaces with great wearability and chemical resistance. DIRECTIONS FOR USE (See How to Manual for details on most floor surfaces.) Terrazzo, concrete, marble and other porous stone surfaces: Always pre-seal with Blockade or Bedrock for maximum adhesion and chemical resistance. Commercial vinyl tiles: Pre-seal with Bedrock. All other floor surfaces: No need to pre-seal, apply two to five coats, depending on depth of gloss preferred. Dry/Recoat time: 15 – 45 mins (All depending on weather conditions). Walk on (light foot traffic) : approximately 1 hour. Replace furniture: approximately 8 hours. Normally cures in 24 hours. MAINTENANCE Use either Supastar or Neutraclean as per label. SCRUBBING/POLISHING Use either Neutraclean or Shiner for maximum wearability. MSDS LINK – RESEARCH PRODUCTS