2L Battery-powered Sweeper

2L Battery-powered Sweeper

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Industrial battery-powered sweeper for the quick, quiet and cordless intermediate cleaning of all surfaces, indoor and outdoor. The full floating main cylinder brush individually adapts to any surface, whether hard or carpet.

The PowerSweeper is a battery-powered machine developed specifically with professional users in mind. It has a working width of 37 cm, including its two inwards-rotating side brushes. Objects with a diameter of up to 2 cm can be easily vacuumed away during operation. With its light weight and compact dimensions, the PowerSweeper is designed for hard-to-reach spaces. The side brushes enable a complete and thorough cleaning along edges and even in the smallest corners. The powerful Lithium-Ion battery (without memory effect) with 10.8 V and 1.5 Ah allows an operation time of approx. 45 minutes per battery.

A second battery can directly be stored and carried on the machine itself. An Extra battery and quick-charging unit, with a charging time of only 70 minutes, are included with purchase.


  •  Container Capacity: 2 L
  •  Telescopic Pole Length: 680~1100 mm
  •  Head Dimensions: 350 X 300 X100 mm
  •  Battery running time: 45 min per battery pack on hard floor
  •  Charging time: 70 min.
  •  Battery: 10.8V Li-ion
  •  Standard accessories: 2X Battery, 1 X Quick Charger, 1 X Roller Brush, 2 X Side Brushes.

Low noise volume, and therefore excellent for use

Compact, light, and easy-to-handle for any user

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