Agar HC-90 Detergent 5L

Agar HC-90 Detergent 5L

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HC-90 is a low-foaming general purpose cleaner with powerful grease-cutting agents. It is a low-alkaline detergent for use in hospitals, building maintenance, food-preparation areas and ultrasonic cleaning.

Key Benefits

  • HC-90 is a mild, biodegradable detergent which quickly cleans spills and dirt, ideal for highly polished floors and in food preparation areas.
  • HC-90 is recommended for cleaning a wide variety of hard surfaces, from medical instruments to factory floors. It has tremendous versatility.
  • HC-90 is excellent for ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

How Does It Work?

HC-90 is a concentrated, general purpose hard surface cleaner with a high level of emulsifiers. HC-90 is odourless, mildly-alkaline and very safe to use. It is a nonionic/anionic blend with no cationic surfactant present. This mild active detergent suspends dirt and soil so it won’t redeposit; does not need rinsing from floors; and will not harm alkali-sensitive finishes or materials.

HC-90 will remove all soil and spillages including foodstuffs, drinks, cooking oil and general traffic dirt from all types of floor. Excellent for washing dishes, pots and utensils. Ideal for waxed and polished floors, walls, glass, terrazzo, marble, slate and other surfaces that require a low-alkaline detergent. HC-90 is excellent for cleaning in hospitals and health care facilities. It is a tried and proven cleaner for medical instruments. Being mild and suitable for cleaning a wide variety of materials, HC-90 is an excellent product for use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Bottle: AGR-D01

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