Agar Magic 5L

Agar Magic 5L

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MAGIC will remove food, grease and protein matter, cooking fats, smoke films, smears on glass, road dirt on cars and trucks.

MAGIC will clean dishes, glass, utensils, paintwork, car duco, terrazzo, marble, stainless steel, walls and all surfaces requiring a non-alkaline detergent.

Product Type

MAGIC is a concentrated, high-foam, neutral cleaner.


This highly active cleaner, dilutes up to 1 in 400. It suspends dirt and soil, ripping through fatty residues, and can’t be beaten for dishwashing, remaining gentle on hands.

Main Benefits

  • Is low in cost yet highly concentrated.
  • Is neutral and harmless to the hands.
  • Has fast acting soil and dirt removal.

Bottle: AGR-D01

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