Agar Once OFF 5L

Agar Once OFF 5L

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ONCE OFF is specially made for cleaning ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles that are difficult to clean. Many of these types of tile have tiny holes or pores in the surface. Dirt collects in these holes and gives the tiles a “grey” appearance. Where ordinary detergents are ineffective on such tiles, ONCE OFF is excellent. Its powerful cleaning and penetrating action draws the soil out of these tiles. ONCE OFF may also be used to clean concrete, bluestone, sandstone, terra cotta and clay or concrete pavers. It is ideal for use on floors in shopping centres, toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and carparks.

ONCE OFF is designed for use with single brush rotary machines, although it may also be used for mopping, scrubbing and pressure washing.


  • Removes in-grained dirt that other detergents can’t!
  • Makes old, dirty tiles look like new again
  • Works in one go!

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ONCE OFF is a very concentrated, highly-alkaline tile cleaner with water-softening and degreasing properties.


This concentrated detergent: Powers through dirt – even dirt trapped in pores Dissolves and carries away the soil

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