Agar Truck Wash 5L

Agar Truck Wash 5L

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What is Truckwash?

TRUCKWASH is a concentrated vehicle detergent for breaking down and removing road dirt, mud, oil films, exhaust soot and insect residues from trucks, cars, 4WD’s, caravans, boats, motorbikes, trains and trams.

It is effective for cleaning paintwork, rubber trims and tyres, chrome, aluminium, glass, mag wheels, fibre glass and vinyl surfaces.

Because of its great versatility, TRUCKWASH is also ideal for cleaning exterior hard surfaces exposed to road grime and the elements, such as brickwork, walls, canopies, blinds, roof tiles, paintwork and windows. TRUCKWASH may be used with soft or hard water. It is a ‘Quick Break’ detergent, allowing total segregation of oil and water.

Main Benefits

  • Effective removal of traffic film and road dirt.
  • Will not dull the paintwork.
  • Will not cause rusting. Contains corrosion inhibitor.
  • Leaves tyres clean and black.
  • Dries streak-free.

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