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Uses and Applications Carpet Deodorant, Odour Absorber We have made a special effort to satisfy this market because professional carpet cleaning is a big market and we can offer something new that will give the carpet cleaner more income in add-on sales. APEEL’s aroma and formulation is completely compatible to CITRAFRESH carpet prespray. Directions: Spray 4 squirts per room (4.5 metres x 4.5 metres) directly over the carpet prior to prespraying with CITRAFRESH carpet prespray as directed on the label. Hot water extraction rinse in the normal manner. This allows APEEL to contact and deodorise all the fibres. Spray APEEL once in the air as you finish the room to complete the residual and total effect. Hospitals, Hotels, Motels Just one squirt will neutralise stale smoke, alcohol, musty perspiration and bathroom odours immediately. To extend the residuality to 24 hours, apply to bathroom wall or paper towel placed in waste receptacle. Hospitals will find that APEEL is a safe and friendly alternative to chemical deodorants. Its effective natural formulation destroys urine, faeces and bacteria, generated odours as well as in bed pan washing areas and cancer patient wards. Commercial Buildings Contract cleaners will find greater cost effectiveness of APEEL general office and washroom applications compared with the wasteful use of disinfectants. The “new” and unusual aroma of APEEL will bring new found satisfaction from office tenants. Health, Sporting Clubs and Saunas Wherever sport is played indoors, perspiration and stale odours are a problem, particularly in the change room and sauna. APEEL will be welcomed because it is natural and low in allergic reactions and really lasts. In saunas, spray directly onto the timber seats after cleaning. Industrial Applications, Waste Storage and Drains It’s here that APEEL really goes to work to do a brilliant job in the toughest areas. Spray into food waste dumpster bins, garbage bins used in the meat, fish and vegetable industries. Even kitchen waster sewerage pumping contractors, council sewerage depots, foul smelling drains and pipes. There are thousands of industrial odour problems that can be solved the safe and friendly way – with APEEL. Smoke and Fire Restoration, Water Damage Many carpet cleaners and speciality contractors will find a growing market for APEEL on fire and water damage insurance work. APEEL with the aid of an ozone generator will bring in a new market that builds their reputation and business.

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