B-Brite Surface Cleaner

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SPRAY-ON CLEANER, SHINER AND FINGER MARK PROTECTOR Protects, cleans and polishes Glass, Chrome, and Polished Timber, Stainless Steel, Formica, Painted and Vitreous Surfaces. B-BRITE is right B-Brite has been developed as an all-in-one cleaner, polish, mark and dust protector for nearly all surfaces. Its unique, non-solvent based formula leaves behind a protective, non-greasy film that resists finger marking, dust, water spotting and buffs to a brilliant hard shine. Use B-BRITE as a furniture polish; use it as you dust; use it on stainless steel and all shiny surfaces Its remarkable protective qualities can be demonstrated 2 minutes after you buff dry. Office cleaning magic For office, retail store, food shops, washrooms, you won’t require any other product for cleaning, dusting and polishing. No window cleaners, spray and wipe cleaners, no more furniture polish aerosols just fill a refillable spray bottle with B-BRITE or use our NEW convenient 750 ML spray and start saving time and money. Not only are surfaces left shiny and protected – B-BRITES’ Lemon Oil Fragrance gives all surfaces a clean as a whistle fresh aroma, as you dust and polish. Uses Internal Glass Sinks wash basins Polished Timber Mirrors Stainless Steel Elevators Copper and Brass Formica and Melamine Fine Furniture Porcelain Painted Metal Plastics Stereo and Video Equipment Shop Fixtures MSDS LINK – RESEARCH PRODUCTS http://www.oateslaboratories.com.au/ select Research Products then MSDS Spray on, wipe off shiny surface cleaner, shiner and finger mark protector. Use it on glass, chrome, plastics, laminates and painted surfaces. Leaves long lasting protective film that resists dirt and dust pick up

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