Bactoshield 5L

Bactoshield 5L

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Summary of Advantages Carpets cleaned and antimicrobially treated at the same time Dries in less than half an hour Kills odours in carpets as well as giving residual freedom from odours Does not support the growth of fungus and transmittable by foot diseases Strong activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria that contacts the surface plus mould and mildew spores Leaves the carpet fresh with a fresh citrus smelling soft feel Limitations & Retreatment BACTOSHIELD cannot protect the carpet against flood damage, as it is not treating the backing of the carpet. It is a treatment developed for the carpet fibres not the backing. Re- cleaning with BACTOSHIELD every two years restores the carpets appearance, lustre and deodorant activity. Is Bactoshield safe? Most antimicrobial compounds used in household and commercial applications are unsuitable for carpet applications. Quaternary ammonium compounds used in some carpet mildew treatments create a sticky, soil retentive layer that badly resoils. Other branded carpet antimicrobial products use extremely toxic Isothiazilone (methyl isothiazilone) and even carcinogenic organotin compounds. The TRICLOSAN active, however, is non toxic and is used in toothpaste, acne treatments and surgical hand scrubs. BACTOSHIELD is therefore the safest antimicrobial in use within the carpet industry, worldwide. Dry cleaner, stain blocker, deodoriser, with permanent residual, non toxic, Antimicrobial “TRICLOSAN” to inhibit the growth of micro organisms in carpet

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