Breakaway Foam Degreaser

Breakaway Foam Degreaser

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BREAKAWAY is a powerful water-based foaming cleanser, ideally suited for greasy and fatty soil removal of walls, floors and equipment used in the food, meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries. It is particularly effective on protein build-up. BREAKAWAY is extremely versatile in that it may be used for manual hand washing, sprayed, broomed and pressure rinsed, or it may be applied by foaming equipment for maximum contact time on the surface prior to rinsing. Ideally suited for restaurants and commercial kitchens, as it contains no caustic that could damage painted or vinyl surfaces and cooking equipment. Use for all spray and wipe applications or manual scrubbing operations followed by a water rinse. With low pressure foaming equipment, BREAKAWAY has been effectively used in meat rendering and packing areas in Supermarkets plus the areas behind the rotisserie and smallgoods sales counters.

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