Brilliance High Gloss Sealer 5L

Brilliance High Gloss Sealer 5L

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Low and High Speed Sealer/Finish!! • One step sealing system for Vinyl • Extra high gloss • Provides the perfect finish for Pafu Base Seal, on Terrazzo and other Stone Surfaces • Quick drying and extremely durable • Deep, clear finish • Non yellowing- resists discolouration • Excellent levelling properties • Slip Resistant under AS/NZS 4663:2002 Brilliance Sealer/Finish is a new generation high gloss polish that provides anamazing “wet look” finish for most modern surfaces. Groundbreaking research into multi phase pure acrylic polymers has lead tothe development of a product that works in both high and low speed buffingapplications. This means that two products are no longer required, ultimatelysimplifying stock control and eliminating under performance. The latest polymer technology from around the globe ensures that Brillianceoffers superior durability, ensuring longevity for an ultra high gloss finish is notsacrificed. Time is money– Brilliance is an ultra fast drying product resultingin a substantial reduction in the amount of time waiting for the Sealer/Finish todry. Brilliance also has excellent leveling characteristics which eliminate timewasted in “working” the Sealer/Finish, consequently achieving an even finishwithout the extra effort. Simplicity means less mistakes. Used as a One StepSealing System for Vinyl Brilliance offers a Sealer/Finish with amazingresults that does not require a base coat. Terrazzo and stone often have varying compositions which require a supertough base coat. For Terazzo and other Stone surfaces, Brilliance offers theperfect finish for Pafu Base Seal.

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