Browning Treatment

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FAST ACTING, SELF NEUTRALISING, NO NEED TO RINSE BROWNING TREATMENT is an amazing new development formulated to remove most browning and watermark stains on carpet and upholstery. It removes most berry stains, like mulberry, Mercurochrome and gentian violet dyes. In most cases, it helps stop colour runs or bleeding of fugitive dyes in fibres that may not be colourfast. It can also be used as a final spotter after “Coffee Break” on urine and juice stains. BROWNING TREATMENT is self neutralising therefore can be applied without the need to rinse off. Because there is no residual acidity left in the fibre there is no loss of tensile strength. Many other anti-browning agents leave an acid residue. Directions Do not dilute. Priior to application patch – test on an inconspicuous area. 1. Apply by trigger spray or prespray unit and spray strongly and evenly to help penetration to the backing. 2. Pile brush the area with pile rake to assist penetration and even out application. Do not rinse. 3. When browning is severe, a second application may be necessary. 4. On fibres that are susceptible to browning during cleaning, add 100ml to every 5 litres of ready to use shampoo solution. Odour BROWNING TREATMENT maybe deodorised by the addition of 50ml Odaban E to 5 litres

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