Chloroclean Sanitiser/Detergent 5L

Chloroclean Sanitiser/Detergent 5L

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CHLOROCLEAN LC791 is formulated for use in food processing and related industries for the cleaning and sanitising of all metal, synthetic and most painted surfaces. Powerful alkaline detergents and chlorine combine to clean and sanitise surfaces in one operation.

 CHLOROCLEAN LC791 is designed:

  1. To rapidly wet, penetrate and degrade proteinaceous soils, fats, oils, greases and other soils commonly found in the food processing and allied industries.
  2. To form copious amounts of dense stable foam when applied through foaming equipment, which increases coverage and contact time. This increases  product efficiency and maximises economy.
  3. To be a broad spectrum fungicide, bactericide and virucide – chlorine has been proven effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.
  4. To maintain its high performance characteristics when used in hard water.
  5. To suspend dislodged soils and increase the efficiency of subsequent rinsing operations.
  6. To contain only biodegradable surfactants.
  7. To cling to vertical surfaces.


CHLOROCLEAN LC791 can be applied by foaming or manual scrubbing. It is also suitable for use through high pressure spraying systems which have been designed to handle solutions containing chlorine.

CHLOROCLEAN LC791 is recommended for use on all metal, hard synthetic and painted surfaces within food processing and allied industries.

Care should be taken however to avoid contact of CHLOROCLEAN LC791 or its solutions with aluminium or zinc surfaces. Do not use galvanised buckets to make up or store CHLOROCLEAN LC791 solutions.

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