Chux Heavy Duty Cloth Blue 60cm x 60cm Carton 100

Chux Heavy Duty Cloth Blue 60cm x 60cm Carton 100

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CLEANING CLOTHS A complete cloth range with high absorbency, for all cleaning situations from food preparation, healthcare, workshops to general cleaning. Soaks up all liquids including grease fats, oil and ink. Double action holes trap dirt, absorb spillages and then rinse out clean. Unlike rags, CHUX Wipes contain no foreign objects, are of consistent quality and can be easily disposed of for maximum hygiene. Soft non-woven viscose rayon fibres are tough and durable. Available in regular and heavy duty for any cleaning or wiping task. Doesn’t fade or release dye leaving surfaces perfectly clean. Colour coded in 5 different colours for use in different areas to prevent cross contamination

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