Citro Clean All Purpose Cleaner

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Bio-degradeable Citro Clean Multi Purpose Cleaner disinfects and deoderises leaving a pleasant fresh citrus fragrance. Fragrant Citro Clean contains a blend of natural extracts. Classified as a Commercial Grade Disinfectant, its unique and powerful formulation has a wide range of domestic commercial and industrial cleaning applications. NO petroleum based solvents NO harmful bleaches NO ammonia NO salts or phosphates REMOVES MOST STAINS Cooking Oil & Fats Candle Wax Crayon Lipstick Chewing Gum Blood Wine Food Stains Pet Urine Glue Adhesive Tape and Sticker Residue Grafitti / Spray Paint Permanent Marker Inks Mould Soap Residue Tar & Bugs on Car Paintwork Tyre Marks & Oil on Concrete

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