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WIDE RANGE CLEANER, DEODORANT AND DISINFECTANT THE NO RINSE, NON SLIP CLEANER CRUSADER is the complete cleaning kit in a drum. It is capable of removing dirt and grime from most surfaces, like floors, walls, tables as well as painted surfaces. This wide range cleaning performer cuts your inventory because CRUSADER cleans almost any surface not harmed by water. No need for specialty cleaners because CRUSADER does the lot. CRUSADER’s soil-suspending power is such that rinsing is not necessary even on high sheen quarry or ceramic tiles that normally dry streaky and slippery. Special water conditioners prevent power-fade, so CRUSADER keeps on working when others have long given up, even in cold and hard water. Deodorant Action In addition to CRUSADER’s superior cleaning of most soils, there is the added benefit of deodorisation at no extra cost. CRUSADER does not deodorise by masking, but by destroying the cause of bad odours. CRUSADER has no odour of its own, so complies with HACCP requirement for food preparation areas when rinsed. Areas of Use Wide range of cleaning performance means a wide range of applications throughout the food and general cleaning and maintenance industry such as toilets, kitchens, shower blocks and garbage and disposal areas.

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