Daylight Express Timber Sealer 5L

Daylight Express Timber Sealer 5L

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The one day start to finish the job. Water based, super gloss, permaseal for timber floors. A new concept for better results, higher productivity, greater safety. This is the first, sand in the morning, three coats in one day single pack, safe, water based ultra gloss timber finish that your customer can walk on the same night. Sounds impossible, Daylight Express can do it. DAYLIGHT EXPRESS is super fast drying, with 50 minutes between coats (tack free in 30 minutes). This new technology doesn’t normally require sanding between coats! You may only need to pad back with the new wine coloured smoothing pad after the first coat on open grained timber. Just think, one product from top to bottom 3 or maximum 4 coats and you’ve finished the job in one day. The best thing is your customers can walk on the floor (with socks on the first night in 4 hours) fully cured to walk on and move furniture back in 24 – 48 hours. Nobody else can give you this technology to improve productivity and give a superb glossy result every time.

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