Encap Plus 5L

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Encap Plus is an advanced low moisture encapsulating cleaner providing tough grease cutting action with a genuine, brittle dry-down and effective anti-resoiling technology. This outstanding cleaner also includes fluorochemical and good foaming action which assists operators to track their progress.

Colour: Blue

pH: 8.0 RTU Fragrance: Fresh

Dilution: 1:32

Safety: Non-Hazardous Pack

Size: 5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt

BENEFITS •Encapsulating – an advance blend of high performance embritteling and encapsulation agents encapsulate the emulsified soil, embritteling it for easy vacuum removal. •More Soil Removal – Encap Plus benefits from a precise balance between emulsification performance and embritteling ability allowing a larger amount of soil to be removed by subsequent dry vacuuming. •Commercial Compatible – ideal for commercial carpet – no rinsing required, faster cleaning rates, reduced recurring stains and no rapid resoiling. •Fibre Safe – safe for use on wool, stain-resistant nylon, synthetics and synthetic upholstery. •User Friendly – low odour formula – pleasant to use. •Economical in Use – Encap Plus is a concentrate formula providing economical 1:32 dilution rates and outstanding cleaning action giving you an unbeatable encapsula

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