Euca Multi 20L

Euca Multi 20L

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A new generation environmentally friendly natural cleaning product that really cuts through Grease and Grime

What doesn’t Tuff clean?

Multipurpose cleaner , use in all parts of the house or workshop.

Bio Degradable Non-Flammable and Non-Caustic so Perfect on the BBQ and oven

Natural cleaning power of Citrus & Eucalyptus oils

Made without any nasty chemicals like ammonia or chlorides

Dries leaving a non-slip surface

Extremely effective in dissolving all kinds of soils, carbon, oils and grease.

Will not affect alloys, rubber or plastics

Use on floors, walls, kitchen benches, toilet, laundry, bathroom .... anywhere

Did we say its The perfect BBQ cleaner yet, why put caustic cleaners on the BBQ. Its Ideal in any food prep areas

Safe around animals, so perfect to clean the fury friends outside home, or sleeping cushion.

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