Euca Shield Barrier Cream

Euca Shield Barrier Cream

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Euca Shield Protective Barrier Cream – A powerful hand and body protectant!

Now With Phenoxyethanol, a known effective Bacteriacide

Shield Protective Hand Cream is a multi-function skin cream that repairs and moistens dry, damaged and old skin whilst protecting your skin from the ravages of the elements and your environment such as the dehydrating effects of all day to day products and elements including solvents, water, dirt, detergents, plasters and soaps. This is achieved by leaving an invisible layer of protection – which acts as a barrier to your skin – that does not leave a tacky or sticky feel.

NEW – Shield now also protects your hands from cross-infection by the inclusion of Phenoxyethanol, a powerful biocide that is effective in eliminating germs. Shield repairs your skin with calendula oil, glycerine, cetearyl alcohol, with the aid of calendula officinalis flower extract and natural occurring fats.

This product does not contain any synthetic fragrances, dyes or parabens.

It is designed to protect your hands and skin from harsh solvents, steel, soil, water, cement, and now protects from nasty germs.

Helps: protect, moisturise, rejuvenate, revive, and recondition hands and all skin.

Non-silicone base so its ideal for workers to prevent slippage or leaving greasy marks

A Fragrance Free formula to further help those with allergies!

Ideal for gardeners, mechanics, farmers, painters, and anywhere that requires hand protection – including the office.

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