Exotic Rainforest 5L Enviro Chemicals

Exotic Rainforest 5L Enviro Chemicals

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Air freshener, Odour Absorber & Neutraliser

(Not hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia)

EXOTIC RAINFOREST is an Ultra Concentrate Odour Absorber, Odour NeutralizerAir freshener & Deodoriser.

EXOTIC RAINFOREST’s unique formula is designed to get to the source that causes the odour and kill the bacteria, there for neutralizes and eliminate the source.

EXOTIC RAINFOREST will eliminate extreme odours such as cigarette & fire smoke, pet’s urine, curry, body odours, waste from food and vegetables etc…

EXOTIC RAINFOREST is ideal for the use in all areas where there are odour problems.


Air Freshener– Ultra Concentrate Dilute 1 part EXOTIC RAINFOREST to 5 to 20 parts water.

EXOTIC RAINFOREST can be sprayed or pour directly onto contamination. Do not rinse.

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