Fabrisan Carpet Deodoriser 5L

Fabrisan Carpet Deodoriser 5L

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Benefits: • Eliminates urine odours • Multipurpose deodouriser • Eliminates almost any odour • Safe on all carpets and fabrics • Effective in removing moulds and spores Fabrisan is a specialised carpet sanitiser and deodouriser specifically designed for removing difficult odours from carpets and fabrics. Fabrisan is highly effective in neutralising and removing persistent urine odours. Fabrisan is also highly effective in treating and restoring flood and water damaged carpet. Fabrisan has been tested and approved by one of the worlds leading carpet fibre manufacturers. Fabrisan is safe to use on all types of carpets and stain resistant coatings. Fabrisan conforms to the Australian Standard AS3733-1990 for carpet cleaning. Fabrisan is internationally patented. How it works: Fabrisan is a unique blend of natural biocidally active oils and is completely biodegradable. It leaves behind a dry crystalline non-resoiling residue on all types of carpets and fabrics. The patented blend of natural oils in Fabrisan are slowly released in the carpet for up to a week after Fabrisan is applied to provide long lasting protection against mould and other fungal growth. Fabrisan dries using technology that encapsulates the soils into the crystalline residue. These residues can then be safely vacuumed away and removed from the carpet. This encapsulation and safe removal prevents re-soiling and redeposition. Odour causing materials are permanently removed within the encapsulated soils

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