Fibresafe Acid Rinse 5L

Fibresafe Acid Rinse 5L

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Here’s the Easiest way to Clean Carpets Better Than Safer There are two things that spoil a good carpet cleaning job, fast re-soiling from sticky detergent residues and browning when the carpet is left in an alkaline state or is slow to dry. RESEARCH PRODUCTS new FIBRESAFE Carpet and Upholstery Rinse is the easiest way to avoid problems on “suspicious” carpets like cotton or silk rugs and light coloured wool Berbers. In fact, any carpet cleaning job will look better and be safer. Stops Greying Effect – Whites Stay Whiter FIBRESAFE Carpet and Upholstery Rinse is not an optical brightener. Its a mildly acid solution that complexes calcium, iron and other hardness salts so that they cannot form “greying crystals” on fibre as it dries. You’ll really notice the difference in areas like Adelaide, Perth and South West Queensland. Leaves Fibres Softer – Stays Cleaner Longer By helping to remove detergent residues as well as hardness salts, wool fibres are left softer and less likely to attract and hold soil. Removal of residues is most important on polypropylene, short fibre nylon and new generation nylon fibres. Sticky residue masks the great performance of these fibres especially if they have been protected at the factory or with protection in-situ. Helps Stop Browning – Neutralises Alkalinity, Stabilises Colours By lowering the ph of the rinse in your hot water extractor or truck mount, you slight acidify the carpet. Cellulose fibres like cotton, hemp, jute as well as wool find acidic conditions to their liking. Under normal drying conditions it is impossible for these fibres to brown when carpet and upholstery rinse is used. Helps stabilise dyes as well, especially useful if a carpet has been heavily pre-sprayed or spotted with alkaline cleaner or spotter. Neutralises Urine Deposits Fresh urine turns hard and yellows the carpet by the formation of “Urea” in the fibre. Carpet and Upholstery rinse dissolves urea therefore the yellow is effectively removed. Use prior to any deodorant being added.

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