Fibresoft Rinse 5L

Fibresoft Rinse 5L

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A SAFE, HIGH PERFORMANCE UPHOLSTERY CLEANING SYSTEM Product Background The Need for FIBRESOFT Most carpet cleaners are aware of the lack of quality standards in the upholstery fabrics used in household furniture. Whilst there are many manufacturers who test fabrics for wear strength, dye fastness, shrunk resistance, there are equally as many who don’t. Even when quality fabric is used, many manufacturers place non-fast back materials (like unbleached calico, black buckram) under the fabric that bleeds through when cleaned. New labelling laws, whilst designed to protect the consumer, are in fact now protecting the manufacturer. By placing ambiguous labels that read “Do not wet-clean, do not dry clean” on upholstered furniture, the manufacturers are, it appears, trying to shift the responsibility to you, the upholstery cleaning contractor. So how do you guard against this potential problem? Test First The first thing you can do to protect against colour change, bleed or shrinkage is by pretesting on an inconspicuous area, such as the flounce (although this may not indicate the nature of the backing material). After prespraying FIBRESOFT PRESPRAY and extracting, wipe test an area with white towelling to check for colour transfer. The second way to create fewer problems is to speed up drying. Use an upholstery cleaning machine, fitted with a hot air dryer or use your carpet dryer or hairdryer to direct air over the upholstery whilst you are cleaning. If these are not available to you, clean in a well ventilated are (take upholstery to a shaded outdoor area if necessary) and do not clean risky fibres such as Indian Cotton on wet days. Notes: Some fabrics may be affected by sunlight. If cleaning upholstery to be sure of even light. Good upholstery cleaning practices should be followed at all times; first use a waterproof ground sheet under item to be cleaned, to avoid overspray; placed cleaned cushions against a non-staining surface and turn regularly whilst drying. Do not replace these whilst wet. FIBRESOFT Prespray This is the super-active cleaning solution that is ultra gentle on fibres. It is totally new concept that draws its development and technology from such diverse areas as the sugar bi-product and wine industries – unusual to say the least. The FIRBRESOFT System What is it? This is the world’s first, totally integrated cleaning system for upholstery and may be used successfully in the automotive, marine, domestic and commercial cleaning of fabrics. It is the only system available that combines the total benefits of new technology chemistry that may be used with your present extraction machine. Added to the rinse tank to deodorise, soften and lower pH on the fibre. Unique chemical reaction bonds softener permanently

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