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Ultra high traction, wet look sealer finish. The Chronic Need for High Traction Floors. The current risk management climate and requirement for property managers, building owners and BSC’s to meet Australian Standards for slip resistance, which includes the wet slip testing component, have combined to create an urgent need for a floor coating that produces a safe indoor surface to walk on. The development project over the last two and a half years using scientific data from the CSIRO, Pendulum and Tortus 11 test equipment, helped us build a scientific model that we could readily measure and steadily improve our prototype coatings .The final result is that FILMSTAR, when using the FILMSTAR maintenance programme, consistently exceeds both Australian and New Zealand Standards 4663-2002 (Dry Test) and 3661-1-1993 (Wet Test). In real terms this means that building owners can fight back against the tide of litigation that has affected public liability insurance costs over the last three years. Filmstar is Friendly to use: FILMSTAR is designed to be used on the widest range of indoor floor surfaces. This is achieved by its excellent adhesion that is enhanced by two base sealers that can be for porous stone, concrete, vinyl tiles, terrazzo, Terrazzite architectural terrazzo and pavers. Even porous ceramic tiles can be coated with this system. Sheet vinyl and linoleum don’t need any pre sealers. Filmstar requires no special application for a wet look gloss off the mop. Filmstar was not just developed for high traction. Formulating it for high performance required a deft touch, with a fine balance between ultimate gloss and long term wearability. Filmstar does not sacrifice film toughness for slip resistance or gloss. There have been no compromises with FILMSTAR as it has out-distanced all market leading floor finishes we have tested against. Summary of Advantages: Ultra Traction you can feel under your feet immediately. Wearing leather feels like rubber soles underfoot. Easy maintenance programme to help you maintain slip resistance for the life of the floor to the Australian Standards for wet or dry slip resistance. Fast drying formulation, does not require extended waiting time between coats. Brilliant in the cold of winter and steamy summer nights when floors normally won’t dry. Lowers labour costs. Dirt hold out is superior to anything we have tested, floors stay cleaner longer without the need for harsh cleaning products. This adds up to longer life for floors that look brilliant, longer. High film and gloss build up per coat using either poly cotton or fringe mops. Your gloss recovery after cutting back and recoating is superior to all competitors products tested. Unbelievable wet look gloss when burnished with HS (1000- 1500 RPM) and UHS (1500-2500 RPM) equipment and it looks brilliant off the mop. Wet slip designated areas only need show a 10% drop from ultimate wet look gloss to achieve ultimate wet slip resistance. This is using the specially developed Research Products “Mustard” Safety Pad. Directions: Preparation: For best results strip off old finish using either Sledgehammer or for more difficult to remove sealers, Steamroller. Check Data sheet or label for directions or “How to manual.” After the floor is completely dry, burnish the floor with a red pad (350 -500RPM machines) or a Jackaroo or Jackaroo Light pad if you use UHS machinery. Note: It is imperative that all new floors are stripped to remove any factory coating that may affect adhesion. Burnishing also builds gloss and helps reduce floor porosity. You use less base sealer or Filmstar. Choosing whether to preseal: Vinyl Tiles: These are porous after stripping. Sealing with Bedrock is recommended. Sheet Vinyl, Tarkett, Floating Timber Floors, Linoleum and Urethane Vinyl Composites.These don’t require a sealer first. Textured, Profiled ,Composite or Smooth Rubber-Non porous nature eliminates the need to preseal. Just use FILMSTAR without presealer. Linoleum: Sensitivity to alkaline strippers precludes the use of any sealer due to the removability problems and damage strong strippers can cause to Linoleum. Just use FILMSTAR. Terrazzo, Architectural Terrazzite and Marble: Always use a pre sealer so as to provide the best adhesion and wear resistance. BEDROCK for ultra white, clear appearance and easier removability. BLOCKADE for the ultimate adhesion penetration for wear, stain and spill resistance on stone or porous ceramic floors. Application of Filmstar: Use a clean poly cotton mop. Prewash and leave damp. Apply Filmstar only half way up the mop and wring out until not dripping. Twirl the mop to disperse finish and ensure wide coverage. Apply in thin even, slightly overlapping figure of eight strokes. Cover about forty square metres. Apply to edge every second coat. Total coats for deep gloss (including sealer) 5 to 6. Fringe Mop: Dampen the mop. Apply finish from via a watering can down the centre aisle or designated path. Apply the finish from the centre down each edge then fill in. Don’t apply too thickly with a fringe mop as drying is difficult. Powdering will result from too much sealer applied, too quickly. Coverage: Fringe Mop 30-40 sq m per Ltr Poly Cotton Mop 35-50 sq m per Ltr Maintenance for Wet Slip Resistance: Foyers, food service areas, fruit and vegetable areas in Supermarkets. Autoscrubbing or mopping with Supastar is the only way to achieve grime free slip resistant shiny floors. Autoscrub, as directed, at approx 1 to 100 parts water, 1 to 80 mopping. Do not use any other detergent. Buffing and Burnishing: This is the only way to maintain high wet slip results. With regular speed machinery (400RPM) buff your entrance and food service floors with Research Products “Mustard Safety” floor pads. These are only required to be used in designated areas for wet slip testing. Gloss is reduced slightly to achieve the highest wet slip result. These pads enable you to maintain wet slip resistance well above the standard continuously and should be required to buff weekly. Don’t use any other pad. We recommend wet slip testing designated areas to AS3661 on a regular basis. You should be able to average above 35 B.P.N. Maintenance: Dry Slip Test Areas. How to achieve the best slip resistance – dry. Regular autoscrubbing with Supastar at 1 to 100 parts water or mopping smaller areas at 1 to 80 will remove surface embedded soil and keeps the floor shiny. Burnishing the dry slip test areas with gas or electric UHS equipment is recommended using the Jackaroo Light pad. Normally, dry slip testing is required in areas other than entr

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