Florogen 500ml

Florogen 500ml

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FLOROGEN LONG ACTING SPACE DEODORANT AND AIR FRESHENER Benefits: Efficient use of odour control Simplicity of use  Economy of odour control Improved hygiene in areas of use  Reduced investment in chemical FLOROGEN has been formulated to provide the most modern concept of a longacting surface residual space deodorant. The one neutral product also provides for reduction in aerial microbial count, major reduction in surface microbial population and insects are not attracted to the area of use. Thus the one product will not only serve to mask unwanted odours but will provide a positive method for increasing hygiene in the immediate area of use. FLOROGEN is applied by spray as received. The spray should be of a finely atomising type. Finer sprays give greater distribution of small liquid particles over a generally wider area and this accentuates the masking action of the product. Emission of odour maskant is controlled by a special chemical release control mechanism to ensure day-long action in normal climatic environments. One spray from a normal spray device generally dispenses 1-2mL of FLOROGEN, which is sufficient for the average sized room. The major advantages offered by FLOROGEN may be summarised as follows: – • Efficient use of odour control • Simplicity of use • Economy of odour control • Improved hygiene in areas of use • Reduced investment in chemicals • Unrestricted area of application FLOROGEN should be sprayed directly onto surfaces (avoid spraying directly into personal breathing zones). When applying to surfaces choose an inconspicuous area to ensure optimum distribution, for example around or above areas of known odours such as toilets. When spraying onto surfaces choose an area where the fragrant vapours of FLOROGEN will be circulated by available air currents. It can successfully be used as an economical alternative to toilet blocks, odour emission chemicals and systems

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