G.O.E. 5L

G.O.E. 5L

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What is G.O.E and why is it so Good? G.O.E. is a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides (natural sugars) electrolytes, combined with natural citrus extracts and coconut surfactants. This composition is at the forefront of modern biotechnology, an area in which Australia’s position is foremost. G.O.E’s action is a very simple one. Immediately it is released into waste organic matter, it starts breaking down large chunks into a smaller more acceptable form (predigestion) thus allowing the natural bacteria in the system to reactivate and degrade it rapidly and completely. The result is odour free, cleaner waste with fewer complaints from Councils and your neighbours. There are many words that can be used to describe this action on waste. Some call it waste augmentation, digestion, catalysis, bio waste reduction. The simple description is that it is a natural way of breaking down oils, fats as well as food proteins to provide a clearer and cleaner waste stream. Whatever the description, you will find it amazing and a great cost saver for your business. The Need for G.O.E CITRUS RESOURCES, after successfully assisting in the removal of dangerous and toxic chemical cleaners in housekeeping, schools and contract cleaning fields, over the last few years has now focused its attention towards food production and preparation. The reason is simple: harsh caustic cleaners, strong acid cleaners, toxic chlorine based sanitisers and oxygen or quat based sanitisers, attack and destroy the friendly bacteria that are needed to break down your waste matter. These products create stinking food waste odours because normal biodegradability cannot take place. O.H.S Problems It is time for the food industry to look closely at its work practices and chemical selection method for cleaning products. Technology is changing. New lower toxicity cleaning products are now available that enhance the biodegrading process and at the same time have a more acceptable pH to the human skin. The technology exists to totally clean a food establishment and to sanitise all its food contact surfaces and floors without the need for dangerous hydrocarbon emulsifiers, caustics, acids or chemicals that permanently damage people, surfaces and the environment. CITRUS RESOURCES has this technology.

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