Gerni Classic 120.1 Pressure Washer

Gerni Classic 120.1 Pressure Washer

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A high pressure washer for basic jobs The CLASSIC 120.1 is based on a high mobile concept, due the the upright desing and trolley. Good storage opportunity for the standard accessories. For all types of low frequency cleaning tasks around the house. All in all, the CLASSIC 120.1 is a pressure washer that offers incredible degree of mobility and flexibility. It is perfect for anyone who wants a pressure washer for basic use and with a performance of max. 120 bars this machine is optimal for basic cleaning. The height of of products ensure good egonomi. With the Click&Clean (C&C) nozzle stystem makes it quick and ease to change nozzles. The standard bayonet coupling ensures comparbility to the Gerni consumer accessories range. Reliable aluminum pump. Trolley for high mobility. Storage of gun, nozzle and foamsprayer. Integrated storage for hose and electric cable. Pressure regulation. Click&Clean (C&C) nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzle. Automatic start/stop. Upright and ergonomic design. Good working posture due to long lance. Light weight makes it easy to handle.

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