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Safe at Any Speed 300 to 2000+ RPM Here’s the first floor finish in Australia developed to give all contract cleaners the ultimate result on any floor, with any type of maintenance equipment – even 2000 RPM Glazers, electrics, LP Gas or battery powered. RESEARCH PRODUCTS water borne fortified polyurethane technology has provided the key to longer wearing, tougher and more easily maintained floor than ever before possible with less scuffing and marking. GLAZER is the culmination of years of effort to produce the most wear resistant; easily maintained, scrubable floors that repeatedly buff to a clean and shiny look day after day, under extreme traffic conditions. You’ve Never Seen Floors Needing Less Maintenance The polyurethane film layer on the floor is thermo elastic and softens when heated by super speed buffing to leave a wet look gloss that resists black marks and sheds dirt and grime. This thermo elastic film is just like a sheet of “glad wrap” protecting your floor, yet it can be removed by normal techniques and maintained by normal techniques. Most Commonly Asked Questions: Where can GLAZER be used? All heavy traffic areas like shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals, Nursing homes office buildings and supermarkets. What Types of Floors? All resilient floor: vinyl tiles, vinyl asbestos tiles, rubber, composite rubber and linoleum. Most hard floors like marble, slate and terrazzo. Some hard glazed quarry tiles and glazed ceramic tiles are unsuited to using GLAZER due to lack of porosity. It is recommended to apply BLOCKADE to these type of floors. Directions For best results floor should be stripped of old finish. However GLAZER may be applied over conventional finish in good condition with just a blue pad cut-back using NEUTRACLEAN or SUPASTAR. Rinse with cold water. Sealing GLAZER has excellent pore filling characteristics and under normal circumstances does not need presealing particularly rubber or floating floors. Old or porous floors should be sealed with the more economical BEDROCK sealer,on stone we recommend BLOCKADE. Application Use only clean polish mops for application, apply thin even coats. Apply up to four coats depending on the result required. Allow at least 1/2 hour between coats, longer in cold weather. Maintenance Dust mop daily – tracked in sand and grit destroys all floor finishes. Damp mop or autoscrub using NEUTRACLEAN or SUPASTAR. Dry burnish or spraybuff using either SHINER with conventional or REBOUND WITH high speed or super speed machinery. Recoating: Just cut back with a blue pad and NEUTRACLEAN 1 to 20 parts water, rinse and recoat traffic lanes. Never apply GLAZER to a dirty floor. Removal: SLEDGEHAMMER stripper is an all round effective stripper for GLAZER. If BEDROCK or BLOCKADE is used, strip with STEAMROLLER II.

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