Glokleen 5L

Glokleen 5L

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Increases gloss • Improves durability & wear • Removes scratches • Increases slip resistance • Improves black heel mark resistance Glokleen is a multipurpose neutral cleaner-maintainer for use on sealed andunsealed floors. Glokleen combines the detergency technology of Tempo HD and ablend of waxes and polishes to replenish and repair the surface of floor sealersdamaged during daily wear. The blend of waxes and polishes used in Glokleen facilitate easy burnishing, increase gloss and increase slip resistance. Glokleen many also be used on unsealed floors to provide soil and stain resistance, black heel mark resistance, and improved cleaning. Glokleen may be used to improve the cleaning and maintenance of tarkett, rubber floors, and specialised antislip flooring. Glokleen is designed to be used in conjunction with Tempo HD (or Citron neutral detergent) in a weekly maintenance schedule. Glokleen should be used once or twice a week to restore and rejuvenate sealed floors. Unsealed Floors: Glokleen can be used to improve cleaning and appearance of unsealed floors such as tarkett and antislip rubber floors. After cleaning with a neutral detergent spray buff Glokleen at a 1:10 dilution using a red pad. When used regularly Glokleen will impart soil and heel mark resistance.

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