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GREASE, INK AND PAINT REMOVER CONTAINS 94% ALIPHATIC & AROMATIC HYDROCARBON Grease Release is a high performance multi-purpose free rinsing spotter for removing oily or tar like stains from carpet and clothing prior to extraction, rotary shampooing or laundering. Some inks, most paints, chewing gum and latex adhesive are softened by Grease Release allowing them to be scraped up. No carpet cleaner or commercial laundry can do without the time saving offered. Directions Carpet: Apply full strength by lightly spraying or swabbing “work” stain from edge towards the centre to loosen. Blot up loosened stain with toweling. Rinse and blot or extract. Pen Graffiti: Test in inconspicuous area to ensure surface compatibility. Spray on an immediately agitate with cloth or brush and wipe off. Clothing: Prior to laundering spray collars, cuffs, grease and ink stains then launder in the normal manner. Important – ALWAYS TEST FIBRE COMPATIBILITY PRIOR TO USE.

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