Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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DESCRIPTION:- 428X Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a dark blue semi viscous acidic liquid with a fresh jasmine fragrance, containing Phosphoric Acid, Quaternary Compound and special wetting agents.

PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: – In the cleaning of Industrial, Commercial and Household Toilets and Restrooms – Including toilet bowls, urinals, showers as well as concrete, ceramic and terrazzo type floors for the removal of all hard water scales, soap scums, body fats, uric acid scales, organic matter and general dirt and grime.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: – Toilet Pans – Flush toilet, squirt under rim, leave to soak and then agitate if necessary to remove scale build up. Rinse with water. In severe case repeat the above. Floors – use a dilute solution 1 part 428X H.D.T.B.C. to 10 to 20 parts water in plastic bucket with mop. On stubborn stains use as supplied, scrub in well and rinse with water. Flush any spills with water immediately.

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