Hypoklean 5L Enviro Chemicals

Hypoklean 5L Enviro Chemicals

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HYPOKLEAN is designed to clean, disinfect and sanitize, with a revolutionary antibacterial formula designed to be use in food preparation areas, poultry processing areas, abattoirs, domestic and commercial toilets, showers and kitchens, doctor and dental surgeries, hospitals and nursing homes, veterinary hospital.

It can safely be used on all surfaces then rinsed with clean water for disinfecting and sanitizing. HYPOKLEAN has the tick of approval from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services) HYPOKLEAN effectively kills 99.9% of germs, including: E-COLI, STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS, LISTERIA, PSEUDOMONAS, ACINETOBACTER, ENTEROBACTERIACEAE, STREPTOCOCCUS, AEROMONAS, SALMONELLA, CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINUM, VIBREO PARAHAEMOLYTICUS etc…


UNDILUTED WHERE TO DIRECTIONS SHOWER RECESS & TILES KILLS GERMS, REMOVES MOULD Squirt on, spread evenly, leave 10 min’s rinse. TOILETS KILLS GERMS, REMOVES STAINS & SMELLS Squirt on, spread evenly, leave 10 min’s rinse WASTE PIPES, DRAINS, GREASE TRAPS STRIPS GREASE, REMOVES DIRT & SMELLS Squirt on, spread evenly, leave 10 min’s rinse

POULTRY AND ABATTOIRS KILLS GERMS, SMELLS, STAINS Squirt on, spread evenly, leave 10 min’s rinse HOSPITALS & DENTAL SURGERIES KILLS GERMS Squirt on, spread evenly, leave 10 min’s rinse

DILUTED WHERE TO DIRECTIONS BATHROOM FLOORS, WORKSTATIONS USE AS A CLEANER Dilute 125mL in half bucket of water and wash down NAPPIES WHITEN, REMOVE STAINS AND SOLID MATTER Dilute 60mL in half a bucket of water, soak overnight, rinse well, then launder.

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