Jacaranda Disinfectant

Jacaranda Disinfectant

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401 is a complete disinfectant with detergent properties to remove soils, plus a very pleasant lingering floral fragrance to re-odorise the area cleaned. 401 is designed for the regular maintenance and sanitizing of floors, walls and fittings. Commercial grade disinfectant (1:40) contains 25gms per ltr Quaternary Ammonium Compound (Quat 50) w/v

PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: In the cleaning of Industrial, Commercial and Household premises- sealed and unsealed floors-wooden-cork(sealed)-slate-vinyl sheet-vinyl tiles-terrazzo-marble-quarry tiles-ceramic tiles-concrete finishes-good paintwork-most composites and hard surfaces. Walls and in all areas that can be mopped and cleaned

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: General cleaning: ½ cup per bucket of hot water. Heavily soiled: 1 cup per bucket of hot water. Fittings: use neat or 50/50 with water in a spray applicator. Rinse with water if required. Discard made up solutions after use

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