Lemon Disinfectant

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DESCRIPTION:- 420 is a complete disinfectant with detergent properties to remove soils, plus a very pleasant lingering Lemon fragrance to re-odorise the area cleaned. 420 is designed for the regular maintenance and sanitising of floors, walls and fittings. Commercial Grade Disinfectant.

PRODUCT APPLICATIONS: – In the cleaning of Industrial, Commercial and Household premises – Sealed and Unsealed Floors – Wooden – Cork (sealed) – Slate – Vinyl Sheet – Vinyl Tiles –Terrazzo – Marble – Quarry Tiles – Ceramic Tiles – Concrete Finishes – GoodPaintwork – most Composites and Hard Surfaces, Walls and in all areas that can be mopped and cleaned.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: – General Cleaning :- ½ cup per bucket of hot water. Heavily Soiled :- 1 cup per bucket of hot water. Fittings :- Use neat or 50/50 with water in Spray Applicator. Rinse with water if required. Discard made up solutions after use.

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