Livi Activ Food-safe Hand Foam Soap

Livi Activ Food-safe Hand Foam Soap

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1L Livi Delux Hand Foam Soap to fit Livi Activ Soap Dispenser (sku: DIS-LIV-S500)

With Livi Activ soaps and sanitisers you can get that great clean feeling you want and deserve from your hygiene products. Options include perfumed foam, antimicrobial foam, and food-safe foam, along with products that offer both body and hair care, contain perfumed hand lotion, or provide instant sanitation and are also bio-degradable and free of alcohol. They are safe for you to use, but they are tough on the germs they are designed to destroy.

No matter what type of soap or sanitiser you are looking for, you can use the Livi refill pods to explore your options and keep your employees’ and customers’ hands clean and free of germs all day long. The sanitisers and soaps are gentle on your skin, but they are effective at killing 99.99% of common germs while having a pleasant scent for everyone to enjoy. The refill pods are also designed to last for many hand washes, so you have less chance of running out of sanitiser or soap just when you might need it most, all while making cost savings.

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