Meltdown 15L

Meltdown 15L

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The MELT DOWN Concept In our quest for lower maintenance costs by lower utilisation of labour we believe that stripping off floor polish must be the most highly labour intensive and wasteful. Whilst we have undertaken to produce all our floor finishes with a clarity that is unmatched it will still become necessary to strip floors and reseal. The faster this task can be completed with the least use of expensive equipment the more profit you are going to make on the job. Because material costs are a fraction of the labour costs it is important to lower the labour cost first. Slashes the Cost of Stripping Floors On both large and small stripping jobs, MELT DOWN saves you time in setting up equipment, in purchasing floor pads, in double water rinsing and even in the purchase of scrubbing machinery. Its amazing dissolving action will strip even the most difficult non metallic floor finishes and sealers including polyurethane fortified acrylics with a speed that will amaze even the most sceptical. Small Areas Whilst MELT DOWN is the ideal stripper for hard to access jobless like stairs, supermarket checkouts and small areas where using machinery is difficult, it also maybe used on large areas. Large Areas Large areas become economical to strip if wet pick-ups are used to squeegee off and pick-up lifted polish film. MELT DOWN can also be used as a conventional stripper on difficult floors.

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