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Each Sponge 11cm x 7cm x 4cm CHEMICAL FREE CLEANER REMOVES TOUGH MARKS AND BUILT UP GRIME MIRACLE SPONGE WORKS BY USING JUST WATER THERE ARE NO ADDED CHEMICALS SIMPLY WET THE SPONGE AND GENTLY RUB THE AREA THAT NEEDS CLEANING AND WATCH MARKS AND DIRT DISAPPEAR Works on a variety of surfaces: Removes soap scum from showers Removes built up grime from ovens Removes scuff marks off painted surfaces Removes permanent texta off painted surfaces Removes residues from bath tubs Removes calcium build up from pool and spa edges Removes permanent marks off tiles Great for polishing windows and glass Removes sticky residues off smooth surfaces Removes marks and discolouration form vinyl Great for cleaning leather Detail furniture to get original shine back Great for cleaning porcelain Works as a chewing gum remover Removes build ups from aquariums Restores original colour to outdoor furniture Great for car detailing Removes crayon and ink marks Removes graffiti off smooth surfaces Works as a Graffiti remover on desks Removes grubby finger prints Removes cooking build ups off range hoods Removes body fat build ups in the shower Polish stainless steel appliances Great for granite bench tops Removes discolouration of plastics Removes pencil marks off tiles Clean food preparation areas Removes baked on grease Removes scuff makes from sealed surfaces Polish your timber floor boards Removes road residues from car windscreens

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