Multi-Clean Eco2 1 Gallon

Multi-Clean Eco2 1 Gallon

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The ECO2 Carpet Cleaning System from Multi-Clean is a low moisture system that encapsulates soil for easy removal and no residual. Hydrogen peroxide supplies oxygen (O2) to help destroy odors and power out soils, leaving carpets looking and smelling fresh. The Benefits Encapsulation of Soils: Clean Carpets that Stay Clean Longer – Encapsulation technology uses a crystalline polymer that surrounds soils and detergent residues. When the carpet is dry, the brittle polymer fractures, creating residue that is easy to vacuum, leaving carpets virtually free of contaminates. That means no rapid re-soiling of the carpet. Contaminate free carpet means NO sticky residue that can promote re-soiling, allowing carpet to stay clean longer. Low Moisture: Dramatically Reduce Downtime – Return carpets to service is as little as 1 hour. Use a cylindrical brush machine equipped with nylon brushes or a conventional floor machine with a carpet brush or spin bonnet to work ECO2 into the carpet. Fresh Carpets: Oxygen Attacks Stains and Freshens Carpets – Odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew, can proliferate in carpets under the right conditions, causing malodors. The oxygen in ECO2 allows for color safe bleaching of stains and the ability to destroy odors in carpets so that they look AND smell clean. Directions 1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly. 2. Mix ECO2 with water in a low pressure pump up sprayer. 3. Apply the solution to an area of carpet no larger than 400 sq.ft. 4. Allow to stand 1-5 minutes, then agitate with a counter rotating cylindrical brush machine using soft nylon (black) brushes. Alternative: a floor machine equipped with a pre-moistened spin bonnet can also be used. Allow carpet to dry 30-60 minutes before opening to traffic. 5. Vacuum floor as time permits.

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