Multiklean Enviro Chemicals

Multiklean Enviro Chemicals

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MULTIKLEAN is a Environmentally Friendly powerful industrial strength water based multipurpose degreaser and spray & wipe cleaner.

MULTIKLEAN is widely used in the cleaning and automotive industry for the cleaning of mags, engines and removing bugs.

MULTIKLEAN will remove oil, grease, grey and grimy buildup from all surfaces like, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and concrete floors.

MULTIKLEAN is excellent in kitchen floors, walls, vents and fans.

MULTIKLEAN is getting used in the wineries and minning industry for the cleaning their equipment and machinery. These industries are looking to go Organic or just looking for safe and Environmentally Friendly product.

MULTIKLEAN is ideal for spray and wipe, mopping, squeaky clean, pressure washer and automatic scrubbers.


Floors as quarry, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, marble, ect., painted wallsgreasy surfaces, carbon based like as soot, smoke, showers and swimming pools, factories and industrial workshops, kitchens, ovens, rotisseries, exhaust fans, tar, grease, mag wheelscar engine’s grease & grime to remove road film and as a bug off from the car body without damaging.

HOW TO USE Degreasing : Dilute 1 part MULTIKLEAN : 3 to 5 parts water. (kitchens, ovens, rotisseries, exhaust fan, car engine’s grease & grime, mag wheels, greasy marks and stains). Apply MULTIKLEAN solution with spray. Leave to soak 5 minutes and wipe off with scourer.

Heavy duty: 1 part MULTIKLEAN : 10 to 15 parts water. (floors: quarry, ceramic tiles, concrete in food processing and automotive industry). Apply by spray or mop. Scrub with rotary machine or wipe off with scourer.

Light duty: 1 part MULTIKLEAN : 30 to 50 parts water. Use hot or cold water to dilute if scrubbing, high pressure washing. Light silage on most washable surfaces. Soaking cleaning cloths and metal parts or utensils.


Not safe on aluminium or aluminium alloy

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