Nano Edge Mini Orbital Scrubber

Nano Edge Mini Orbital Scrubber

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The Conquest Nano EDGE takes the pain out of scrubbing small and narrow spaces. Forget labouring over stubborn tiles and grout, reaching behind fixtures and polishing stairs by hand—the Nano EDGE can get the job done!

The back-and-forth orbital scrubbing motion loosens and removes grime effectively, aided by the pressure of the weighted scrub head. The Nano EDGE is suited to delicate and hardy floors alike, just change the pad to suit the application. It even strips floors, chemical-free!


  • Powerful orbital scrubbing performance for small and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Remove multiple layers of finish without harsh chemicals.
  • Wide range of pads available to suit most surfaces and applications.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces strain on the operator.
  • Smallest deep scrubbing solution on the market!


  • Stairs
  • Toilet cubicles.
  • Around and under permanent fixtures.
  • Narrow or odd-shaped areas.
  • Removing polish for floor maintenance.

Product Specifications

Description Nano EDGE
Pad Size (cm) 25cm x 10cm
Cleaning Width (mm) 250mm
Pad Pressure (kg) 10kg
Cord Length 9m

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