Nautilus Degreaser

Nautilus Degreaser

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NAUTILUS LB769 is a versatile, high performance, free rinsing alkaline detergent complex ideally suited for the removal of mineral greases and oils, as well as carbon build up. It finds applications in the metal working, manufacturing and automotive sectors.  It is suitable for use as a spray-on, wipe off detergent, in floor scrubbers and as a high pressure wash detergent.


  1. to rapidly wet, penetrate and emulsify grease and oils, commonly found in engineering, automotive and manufacturing premises
  2. to be safe for use on all hard inert surfaces at recommended dilutions
  3. to maintain its high-performance characteristics when used with hard water
  4. to be low foaming so as not interfere with floor scrubber operation and to maximise the effect of high pressure water jets
  5. to emulsify dislodged grease and oil, thereby increasing the efficiency of subsequent rinsing operations
  6. to contain only biodegradable surfactants.

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