Odaban Odour Absorber 5L

Odaban Odour Absorber 5L

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ODABAN is recognized as the industries premium odour absorber because it scientifically removes odour, using the “ZWAARDENMAKER PAIRS PRINCIPLE” which states that two or more odours combined, can cancel each other out. By using a complex blend of natural ingredients derived from plant life. ODABAN will cancel out the following industrial and domestic odour problems by chemically cancelling the oxidizing matter. Chemical disinfection is the second method of operation and it works by destroying the bacteria behind certain odour sources. ODABAN gives you the solution to these odour problems: • Sulphur and Sulphide odours. • Rotting vegetable matter. • Petroleum by product odours. • Solvent odours. • Bathroom and Locker room odours. • Vomit and human waste odours. • Colostomy bag odours. • Carpet odours after flooding or in general carpet cleaning. • Drains and overflowing sewerage odours. • Certain fire smoke odours (non-electric fires).

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