Odacon Urine Neutraliser

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ODACON Incontinent Spray INSTANTLY NEUTRALISES URINE AND FAECAL ODOUR AT SOURCE A completely novel product, ODACON is best described as a highly efficient deodouriser for incontinence and human excrement. It is designed for safe use in circumstances where regular contact with normal skin may become part of the management of incontinent patients. The product has been in regular use in normal medical, geriatric and psychiatric institutions in the U.S.A. for many years where its’ unique properties have proved invaluable in improving environmental conditions by greatly reducing offensive odours associated with specific patient groups. ODACON is non flammable, water-based and non-irritant to the eyes and skin. It eliminates a common cause of urine smell by neutralising urine and faecal odours at source. The ammonia producing mechanism in fresh urine is inhibited by the product, which has a bacteriostatic action in addition to its ability to destroy urine and faecal odours. ODACON is an aqueous hypertonic solution with the power to exercise simultaneously and synergistically the following important and beneficial properties: Eliminate by direct reaction and other chemical mechanism the offensive odoriferous components of human excrement.  Prevent the action of the enzyme urease which is responsible for the chemical splitting of urea and related excremental components which give rise to alkali (ammonia) promoted dermatitis. PERFORMANCE ODACON is a highly efficient deodouriser for incontinence and human excrement. ODACON greatly reduces offensive odours. ODACON eliminates a common cause of urine smell by neutralising urine and faecal odours. BENEFITS Non-flammable, water based and non-irritant to skin Free of solvents and perfumes Designed for safe use where regular contact with normal skin may become a part of the management of incontinent patients  Provide for quick penetration of active constituents into solid excrement promoting rapid odour control action. Reduce the potentially untoward effect of human excrement on normal skin on prolonged, regular contact. Reduce the tendency of human excrement to stain fabrics and thus facilitate laundering and extend useful fabric life.  By interference with metabolism, to rapidly inhibit microbiological as well as enzymatic processes normally present in excreta and urine, which contribute to offensive odour development and potential cross infection. ODACON is free of solvents and perfumes. METHOD OF USE ODACON is not an air freshener and should be used as follows: Spray onto incontinence pad or linen immediately after removal from a patient. This quickly eliminates odours. The product is supplied in a convenient spray pack ready for use. The spray may also be applied directly to stools after removing bed pans from all classes of patient. This greatly reduces movements of unpleasant odours in normal ward situations. The benefits conferred can be used with advantage in the control of odours of pathological specimens. Subject to pre-testing on particular patients, it may be lightly sprayed onto an incontinence pad or linen before being fitted to the patient. Spray soiled clothing, bedding, mattresses, rugs, bathroom areas as needed to neutralise urine and faecal odours. DERMATOLOGICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL DATA The neat product has not been shown to cause either irritation or

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