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Orange Solv is the Biodegradable, Safer Alternative. Here is an exciting new alternative to using strong petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents for your heavy duty cleaning and degreasing. ORANGE SOLV is a type of product that you have never seen work so fast on tar, ink, grease, fresh paint, adhesive or chewing gum – even graffiti can be safely removed on surfaces that are solvent resistant. Being water soluble and very free rinsing, all surfaces are left squeaky clean and residue free with a quick cold or hot water rinse. D-Limonene, the exciting product of the future. It comes from the peel of oranges and lemons. It is low in toxicity, it is pleasant to use, it has minimal skin impact (apart from a slight defatting effect). It is biodegradable and it is produced in Australia. Where can orange solv be used? All industries can think clean and green with Orange Solv – here are some uses. Printing: As a general water rinsable printing room clean up solvent. As a blanket and roller cleaner. Transport: As a tar remover, as an engine degreaser, as a carbon based exhaust cleaner. Contract Cleaning: As a graffiti remover on adhesive paint and biro mark remover. It removes chewing gum, grease and tar from carpet and solvent safe surface. Laundry: Makes a superbly performing ink/grease remover on clothing. Ideal as a pre-wash spotter. Food Industry: Where baked on carbon and fat deposits defy removal with safe cleaning products. Ideal for smoke house deposits and baked on chicken fat. Motor Vehicle: Ideal de-waxer of new motor vehicles. It won’t harm rubber of automotive parts. Ideal parts washer solvent, when followed by a water rinse and air blast. Petroleum Industry: There is no safer or environmentally better way of cleaning up oil or fatty deposits (when disposed of in the correct manner).

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