PACVAC Complete Service Kit

PACVAC Complete Service Kit

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This service kit includes:
• Clear lid (LID001),
• Pack of 5 disposable dust bags (DUB019),
• Reusable SMS dust bag (DUB003),
• Pre-motor filter (FIL001),
• Motor filter cage (CAG001), and
• Exhaust filter (FIL004)

Uniquely designed offset inlet and clear dome lid create a cyclonic effect to help lift the dust from the bottom of the dust bag to maintain maximum airflow. Suits either left or right-handed operators.

The disposable dust bag provides an extra level of filtration for better dust retention and it must be used in conjunction with a reusable dust bag.

The snorkel-like HEPA rated filter allows consistent airflow through the vacuum cleaner as the dust bag fills, keeping the motor cool, maintaining high levels of suction for longer.

The motor filter cage is designed to hold the external motor filter in place, preventing it from dislodging from the machine.

The exhaust filter provides the final stage of filtration for your vacuum and ensures clean air enters the room.

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