Polivac Rotary Scrubber

Polivac Rotary Scrubber

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A powerful Rotary Scrubber Offset Motor that provides exceptional balance and starting torque Polidrive Oil filled sealed gearbox Polidrive gearbox and off-set motor to facilitate smooth operation. Unique direct gear drive builds reliability into every Polivac machine. The oil filled & sealed gear box keeps going when belt and pulley drive systems have given up. Long life and ease of servicing Two-year guarantee on motor and gear box. ROTARY SHAMPOO – C27/C27RS BRUSH SIZE: PAD SIZE: 40cm (Q/R) 40cm (Q/R) TANK CAPACITY: 8L or 12L MOTOR: 1 ½ HP / 220-240 VOLT 50HZ. R.P.M. 1400 POLE: 4 BRUSH SPEED: 187 R.P.M. GEARBOX: WT. INCL. BRUSH: Sealed Polidrive single reduction helical gear. 38 Kg LEAD TYPE: 15m, 15A Heavy duty grade orange flexible safety lead BODY: Powder Coated Cast Aluminium OPTIONAL: SHIPPING WEIGHTS: UNIT: Clutch Brush System 28Kg HANDLE: 7 Kg BRUSH: 3 Kg GEARBOX: Polidrive single reduction helical gear. Sealed.

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