Prospray Professional Backpack Sprayer 12L

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The ultimate multipurpose backpack sprayer PROspray is designed to handle both domestic and trade situations. Used by cleaners, pest controllers, gardeners and farmers; the tank has a lifetime warrantee and a 6 month warrantee on parts. Battery, pump and switches are protected by a water sealed area Strong, comfortable, double padded strapping system Quality, break-resistant fittings, hoses and spray wand Three different quick release nozzles are included with the PROspray unit: Double jet for quicker spraying and high volume T jet for straight lines Single multipurpose hose nozzle with adjustable jet Comes with full user manual Specification Powerful 12 volt dry lead battery with automatic charger Stainless steel pump inlet filter Unit weighs 6.7kg Tank is marked to 12 litres but can hold an extra 2 litres Pump motor 60 psi automatic switch flo-jet Glass reinforced plastic spray rod Polythene spray nozzles So Versatile The PROspray Professional Sprayer can be used for: Spraying liquid fertilizers and round up Spraying cleaning chemicals Spraying for pests Watering the garden Plus much more…

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