Raider Toilet Bowel Cleaner 5L

Raider Toilet Bowel Cleaner 5L

ADV-LA47-5 (51469)
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RAIDER LA47 is designed to rapidly penetrate and remove soils and stains, such as decomposing organic matter, rust, mineral scale and  uric encrustation from toilet bowls, urinals, toilet seats and flush handles.

RAIDER has powerful germicidal action, killing pathogenic micro-organisms, destroying malodors at the source and leaving toilets hygienically clean.

Directions for use: Apply RAIDER LA47 underneath and around toilet rim. Use swab mop or brush to agitated. Then flush. Wipe over toilet set and fittings, to leave all surfaces hygienically clean.

For stubborn rust stains and mineral scale, allow several minutes contact time before brushing and flushing. 

OPERATOR SAFETY: Glove and glasses must be worn at all times.

Never mix Toilet Bowl Cleaner with other chemicals.

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