SadieMate Organiser Caddy

AB-143438 (143529)
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The Sadiemate Organiser has been designed to be used as a portable storage unit that can be safely transported from workplace to workplace or from room to room.

Its unique “sliding spacers” allow chemical bottles, window sprays and polishing sprays of all shapes and sizes, to fit neatly and firmly into the caddy therefore eliminating any spillage or mess.

Space has been allocated for cleaning rags, window cloths,  brushes and sponges to all fit comfortably within the caddy, enabling the user,  easy access to each product and tool,  and furthermore,  lowers the chance of  cross contamination.

The handle has been designed with internal cavities at both ends to allow vertical storage for a wool duster at one end and for toothbrushes, or other small cleaning tools at the other end.

Storing away the Sadiemate is easy, it will fit into most cupboards under the kitchen sink or laundry trough.   No fuss, no mess, all products in one easy place ready to be retrieved for your next cleaning job!

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